SL/CE Course Reallocation Program

The SL/CE Course Reallocation Program is intended to simultaneously recognize, reward and foster instructors' participation in SL/CE. For full-time faculty, this program will award up to $2,500 to the faculty member’s department to hire an adjunct instructor who will teach a non-SL/CE course that the faculty member would have been teaching. All full-time USC Upstate faculty members are eligible to apply for this program. A faculty member can only be awarded one course release per academic year through this program. The reallocation cannot be used to fulfill degree requirements (e.g. work toward completing a dissertation).

Application Deadline: September 30 (Spring Award).
Application Form Preview: here
Application Form: here  

Award Eligibility

Persons who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for this award

  • Current USC Upstate faculty
  • Limit one release per academic year
  • SL/CE Course Contributions (since last award)
    • Taught least 2 formally designated SL course sections
    • WITH a combined total of at least 30 SL students
    • SE or CE course sections maybe substitute for SL courses at a 3:1 ratio for both number of sections and students
      (e.g. 1 SL course w/15 students + 3 SE/CE courses w/ a total of 45 students)
    • Collaboratory up to date for courses and activities to be considered from Fall 2021 & forward (we would be HAPPY to help you with this!)
Award Activity Requirements

Award recipients will be expected to engage in one or more of the following

  • Active service project with a community partner with quantifiable results
  • Significant revision (or new development) of a formally designated SL/CE course
  • SL/CE research leading to publication
Post-Award Requirements

To be considered successful (and therefore eligible for future awards), recipients must:

  • Submit a final report to the OSLCE
  • Present research findings at the Upstate Research Symposium (each spring) and/or share pedagogical lessons learned at a campus OSL/CE professional development session
Decision Criteria

This is a competitive program, and we will not be able to fund all applications. Proposals will be evaluated by the SL/CE Award Committee based primarily on the following four criteria: (1) applicant's historical and ongoing contributions to SL/CE at Upstate; (2) professionalism of the application [all parts of the application form are completed, clearly written, and submitted by the deadline]; (3) merit and likelihood of success of the proposed project; (4) equitable distribution of awards across disciplines and personnel over time.

For tie-breaking situations, applications by non-tenured faculty in tenure track positions will be given preference