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Midterm Grades

Midterm grades, along with early intervention surveys and flags in the Starfish advising system, can help students assess their progress, identify areas in need of intervention, and make changes to achieve success. 

  • Midterm grades are required for all classes, and they are due early enough in the semester to allow students to speak with their advisors and get connected with support services, like a tutor, or withdraw and enroll in a second-half-of-term course in order to stay on track. 
  • Faculty, department, and college participation in the midterm process is reported as a measure of our efforts to improve retention, advising, and student success. Your timely participation makes a difference in students' lives.

The Office of Academic Affairs posts notices of the deadline for midterm grades via email, and the midterm grade deadline is also posted on the Academic Calendar

How to submit midterm grades

  1. Prior to the posted deadline, click Sign on to Self Service Carolina (SSC) at You will need the same username, password, and multifactor authentication you use to enter the Blackboard LMS to proceed. 
  2. Click on Faculty and Advisors.
  3. Click on Faculty Grade Entry to reveal the menu of options. You will see links to a Manual Grade Entry Tutorial videoYouTube video and a Batch Grade Entry Tutorial for large classes listed in that menu. 
  4. Click the Faculty Grade Entry option to enter the grade page.
  5. Click on the appropriate course (you may need to sort by most recent first) to reveal your roster and grade entry boxes at the bottom of the screen. Note: It may be necessary to reduce the zoom level in your browser to see the whole set of options and scroll bars.
  6. After entering your grades, click Save at the bottom of the screen to submit grades for view by students and advisors.  

Please note: A grade of FN (Failure Non-Attendance) indicates that the student has not been attending class and should be use in place of an F if the student has not attended and submitted work that can be assessed in order to earn an F.