Review of Faculty

Annual Administrative Review and periodic Peer Review of faculty members is an important part of our commitment to making USC Upstate a University of Choice for faculty and staff, students, and the community. Regular, periodic review ensures that all faculty members receive timely mentoring advice from unit administrators, deans, the provost, and peer reviewers. Constructive review feedback supports a culture of continuous improvement and professional development in all areas of teaching, scholarly and creative activities, and service. For more ideas about annual reviews, check out "Making the Most of Annual Self-Evaluations" by David Mulrey.

Types of Review

  • Adjunct Faculty are reviewed regularly by their unit administrators. Reviews are completed the first term after hire and every 12 months thereafter. 
  • Instructors and Senior Instructors complete regular annual administrative reviews, including an updated CV, with a focus on teaching/librarian effectiveness. In addition to teaching, instructors and senior instructors are reviewed on their Scholarly/Creative Activities and/or Service Activities. Review policies and procedures are described in the Faculty Manual.
  • Tenure-Track faculty members complete regular annual administrative reviews and periodic peer reviews, covering teaching/librarian effectiveness, scholarly/creative activities, and service. Review policies and procedures are described in the Faculty Manual.
    • Peer Review of Faculty is completed at stated intervals in a tenure-track faculty member's career, including in the third year, years in which the faculty member applies for promotion and/or tenure, and years in which the faculty member undergoes periodic post-tenure review. See the Faculty Manual for details. 

Reviewing Platform

Reviews are conducted using the Anthology Portfolio platform. Faculty members may access the platform directly or may enter through the CAIFS-PROFESSIONAL-DEVELOPMENT Blackboard course. 

Annual Review Guides

Promotion and Tenure Guides

Process for Promotion to Associate/Tenure or Full Professor/Librarian

Process for Pre-Tenure Review (e.g. Third-Year Review)

Process for Post-Tenure Review