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Academic Emergency Supply Kit

If you need to teach from your home, what academic supplies will you need? Essential teaching resources fall into three categories: technology, academic content, and student information. Locate these early and ensure you can access copies from your home.


  • Ensure that you have a home computer and/or work laptop with charger, microphone, Webcam, and necessary software packages for completing course delivery
  • Confirm that you have remote access to Blackboard, Techsmith Relay (video capture, as needed), Starfish, Self-Service Carolina, and Degreeworks (for advising)
  • Confirm home-based access to necessary network files through Spartan Greensky. Set up Spartan Greensky or check your connection now by following the instructions at the Division of Information Technology
  • Know how to set your office phone to forward to your home, and consider call forwarding in advance, so you do not need to share your personal phone number with students.

Academic Content

Depending on how analog or digital your individual course preparation is, you may already be prepared with complete course materials up in Blackboard, or you may need to plan ways to convert paper processes into electronic modes of delivery for working with your students remotely. 

  • Locate, sync, and gather your course preparation files, past exams, lecture notes, research resources, and other materials necessary for you to develop or deliver lectures or create PowerPoints from home.
  • Compile your course rubrics, grade calculators, records of student work, and past student work samples for sharing with students to answer questions or give examples.
  • Make scans of paper-based handouts and other materials that you can send to students or upload into Blackboard if you cannot meet in class to share materials.
  • Follow your department or division's guidelines for academic continuity. This may include adding a temporary "teaching buddy" or your academic unit leader as an instructor in your Blackboard courses. 

How-To Resources for Preparing Academic Content

Student Information

  • Download a detailed class list under Faculty Course Information in Self-Service Carolina. Click on each student's name for phone and contact information in case you need to reach students by phone.
  • Maintain an accurate and up-to-date Blackboard Grade Center to make regular progress updates to students and to convert analog grades to electronic grades that you and your students can access securely even at a distance. Contact the Center for Academic Innovation and Faculty Support ( for help setting up your Grade Center in Blackboard.
  • Compile your list of advisees and add notes to Degreeworks or Starfish to ensure that you can see an accurate advising file even if you cannot come to campus. 
  • Make a copy of your student checksheet for your major and other key pages from the academic catalog to assist in advising.
  • Make a bookmark list of key student forms, faculty forms, and campus contacts for assisting students and finding information remotely.
  • Be sure to have the phone numbers for your academic unit leader, your administrative assistant, and at least one "teaching buddy" in case you have questions or need support. 

How-To Resources for Student Information and Academic Progress