A-Z: Service Resources

Awards - Instructors & Staff: Deadline April 1, Celebration in May each year 
Awards - Students: Deadline April 1, Celebration in May each year

Campus Partners(Homepage: tab in bottom table)
Civic Engagement Resources
Community Engagement @ Upstate
: A glossary of terms for the community audience
Community Partner Resources: Again, for the community audience
Contract, Sample: Between students, partner, & instructor (Homepage: Forms & Templates: tab in bottom table)
Course Certification: Service Engagement AND Service Learning
Course Development
Course Support Funds

Definition: from University Senate (Homepage: tab in top table)
Defining Community Engagement (Homepage: tab in bottom table) 

e-SL/CE: Ideas and resources for virtual SL/CE
e-Service Opportunities: Links to sites the offer virtual service experiences
Expectations: (Homepage: tab in top table)

Forms & Templates (Homepage: tab in bottom table)
Liability (Service FAQs: tab in bottom table)

Publishing: Service Learning Research (FAQs: bottom tab)

Resources: Published scholarship on Service Learning (Homepage: bottom tab)

Service Stories: Articles on service done by instructors, students and staff
SL/CE is HIP: An overview of High Impact Practices at Upstate (Homepage: bottom tab)
SLO Overview
Student Learning Outcomes 
SLO Assessment Rubric
SLO Alignment with Strategic Plan
SLO Sample Common Assessment
Student Resources:

Template: Service Learning Contract (Homepage: Forms & Templates: tab in bottom table)
Template: Trip Waiver (Homepage: Forms & Templates: tab in bottom table)