Workers' Compensation

Procedures for Work Related Injuries

  1. The injured employee should report the injury immediately to their supervisor.
  2. The supervisor and employee should call CompEndium Services at 877-709-2667. If the supervisor is not available, the employee should call CompEndium. CompEndium is available 24 hours per day/7days per week. For life-threatening injuries or illnesses, call 911.
  3. CompEndium will help the employee process the workers' compensation claim and direct them where to go for treatment.
  4. Employee will need to complete the UofSC Employee Injury Report (81-B). If the employee believes they will miss time from work beyond the date of injury, employee should select a Workers' Compensation Benefits Election (Option 1, Option 2, or Option 3). Fax a copy to CompEndium at 877-710-2667, and email it to Benefits Coordinator at
  5. If no medical treatment is needed, the employee will need to complete the UofSC Employee Injury Report (81-B) and check the report only box at the top of the form. Email a copy to
  6. The supervisor is required to complete the Supervisor's Report of Injury Form (81-C). Fax a copy to CompEndium at 877-710-2667 and email it to