Temporary Hire and Rehire

Adjunct Faculty/Temporary Staff

Temporary - These positions are full-time or part-time positions created for a period of time not to exceed one year. It includes temporary staff members and temporary faculty members (adjuncts).

The process to hire for a temporary position via the Quick Hire process in PeopleAdmin USC Jobs is used when department has a candidate in mind they would like to hire.

Temporary (exempt and hourly) positions may be posted to advertise the vacant position and seek applicants for the position. Request to post temporary position.

The following are PDF documents PDF icon image

Temporary New Hire via Quick Hire process

Plan Accordingly
Hiring Manager Checklist document
Quick Hire Reference Guide

Temporary Rehire via Quick Hire process

Approval Workflow for Temporary Hires
Temporary Exempt New Hire Quick Hire Reference Guide 
Request Temporary Hire information

Quick Hire Rehire Process

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