New Employee Onboarding


You've just joined a workforce of 850 faculty and staff, educating 5,500 students from 15 countries, 31 states, and every county in South Carolina.

You are now a member of a thriving campus community and distinguished academic university. We're glad you're here! Use this information as a guide to assist in a smooth transition into your new position at USC Upstate. Get started below.

  • Before arriving to campus for your first day, review the material below to familiarize yourself with important information.

    1. If applicable, review your benefits online to make an informed decision.
    2. Become familiar with USC Upstate policies and procedures.
    3. Meet the Chancellor.
    4. Understand your department's culture by thoroughly reading its webpage. Simply visit the A-Z Index to find your department.
    5. Map your morning commute to work and plan where you will park.
    6. Become a fan of the Spartans and join our social media outlets.
    7. Check out all the employee perks for employees at USC Upstate.
    1. Visit Human Resources: Come prepared with your I-9 identification information.
    2. New Staff Orientation: One-on-one meeting with Training Coordinator to familiarize with the basics.
    3. New Faculty Orientation: Held at the beginning of each academic year through Academic Affairs.
    4. Faculty/Staff Picture: It's required! Set up an appointment with our University Photographer, Les Duggins, at 864-503-5591. His office is located on the ground floor of the Library, Tukey Theater entrance, room 013.
    5. It is critical that you get a parking decal from University Police today. Bring your vehicle registration and proof of insurance to the Public Safety office.
    6. Set up your email signature block. Review tips from University Marketing and Communications in our Brand Portal.
    7. If your name appears on your phone screen, you can set up your voice mail message, ring tone, etc. If your name does not appear, let the Help Desk know at
  • Within your first two weeks, you should accomplish the following:

    1. Log into HCM, the University's Internet-based Time & Attendance Management System. This link is also located on the Faculty & Staff webpage.
    2. Create your ID at University Public Safety.
    3. Meet your co-workers and those at other offices with whom you will work closely.
    4. Make webpage changes and updates as necessary to reflect new information.
    5. Complete your mandatory trainings, including OSHA and Policy Portal Review.
    6. Complete any initial training sessions listed on your New Employee Training Worksheet.
    7. You should receive access to any shared drives, special programs or software for your position. If you do not, check with your supervisor.
    8. Sign up for safety notifications through SpartAlert.
  • ATTEND university-wide events:

    • University Day
    • Town Hall Meetings
    • Holiday Celebration
    • Graduation
    • May Day Picnic
    • Athletic Events
    • Arbor Day Celebration

    Show your SUPPORT for our students:

    LEARN through many opportunities:

    Give us your FEEDBACK about your first year at USC Upstate, and tell us how we can improve the new employee orientation process.

    Remember the University's #1 core value: PEOPLE COME FIRST