Performance Management (EPMS)

Employee Performance Management System

Universal Review Date

  • Universal Review Date for USC Upstate is August 1st. (Exceptions: “probationary” employees and “trial” employees.)
  • The EPMS Review is based on criteria communicated in the Planning Stage document completed at the beginning of the review period.

Probationary Period Performance Review

  • A new employee is in a probationary status until one year of their hire date when they will receive a Probationary Review (same form) and they become a covered employee.
  • Once the Probationary Review is complete, the employee will roll into the Universal Review Period of August 1 unless the Probationary Review was completed within 90 days of the Universal Date.

HR Policy 1.36

  • HR Policy 1.36
  • If the EPMS is not submitted by deadline, the employee will receive a “successful by default” rating. Please note HR Policy 1.36 states; “once a performance evaluation rating has been fully executed and submitted to the Division of Human Resources, the rating cannot be changed.
  • An employee cannot be rated “unsuccessful” without a Warning of Substandard performance. Employee Relations will need to be notified.


EPMS Helpful Tips

  • Please be sure to complete the EPMS form on a computer running Windows. Apple computers corrupt the form and it cannot be saved.
  • The weights of all Job Duties must equal a total of 100.
  • All 3 signatures must be included on the Signature Page under Official Review before submitting to HR.
  • The Reviewer is the next level up of supervision – the supervisor’s supervisor.
  • Use blue ink when signing.

Request a Position Description

Request EPMS process information

For more information about Employee Management please visit Employee Relations