National Survey of Student Engagement

USC Upstate is proud to participate in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) every three years. This triannual survey helps the University to understand two important components of students’ college experience: how much time and effort students put into academics and how successful the University is at encouraging students to participate in activities linked to student learning through the use of its resources, curriculum and learning opportunities. The results show an estimate of how students spend their time, what they gain from attending USC Upstate and how the undergraduate experience can be improved. These results are compared with selected groups of peer institutions as well as hundreds of similar institutions across the country.

NSSE 2020

NSSE Pulse collects information about the quality of interactions, supportive campus environment, sense of belonging, the pandemic, and general satisfaction with the college experience, as well as the background and demographic status of student respondents. Its goal is to identify aspects of the undergraduate student experience during the fall semester worthy of attention and discussion during these difficult times.

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NSSE 2018

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