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PeopleSoft Forms

Request Access for New Staff

Supplier Onboarding in PeopleSoft:    

P-Card Forms

Cardholder Request Form
Liaison Request Form
Memo Template for E-Device
Memo Template for Memberships
Memo Template for Subscriptions

Honorarium Payments
US Citizens - Honorariums are payments made in recognition of acts or professional services for which custom or propriety forbids a price to be set. These payments are only considered honorariums if a contract is not in place for the services being provided. If a contract is in place then you must use the Requisition to Purchase Order process. Honorariums that meet this definition will utilize Payment Request in PeopleSoft. Please see International Payments to Suppliers for more information on International Honorariums.

Refunds are processed in order to return funds previously received to the original payer. Refunds may be emailed to when completed.

Royalties and commissions are payments made by one party to another in exchange for the right to use intellectual property or physical assets for which work is typically copyrighted or patented. All royalty and commission payments will use Payment Request in PeopleSoft.

Stipends are payments made as one time or periodic payments as a part of scholarship or fellowship allowance granted to a student. They can also be for fixed payments as part of employment (i.e. cell phone stipends).

Purchasing and Accounts Payable Forms

Postal Services Forms and Mail Packaging Materials

Receiving and Consolidated Services Forms