Employee Grievances

There are laws, regulations, policies and procedures in place to provide employees covered by the State Employee Grievance Procedure Act an opportunity to challenge specific unfavorable employment actions that you believe were issued inconsistently, improperly or not in accordance with University policy.

It is always recommended that employees and supervisors work to resolve any disagreement with an unfavorable, or adverse, employment action through a more “informal” process of verbal communication that is properly documented. If a solution can’t be reached that is satisfactory to all parties involved, then it would be appropriate to escalate to the more “formal” grievance procedure.

All employees considering filing a grievance are encouraged to contact the Employee Relations Office for procedural advice and assistance. The grievance and appeal processes only apply to covered classified and unclassified employees in FTE positions and involve strict time limits. An employee must initiate a grievance in writing with the University within 14 calendar days of the effective date of the action being grieved.

Under the provisions of the Grievance Policy, employees who choose to file a grievance or appeal must not be disciplined or otherwise prejudiced for exercising rights or testifying.