Listed below are the current USC Upstate and USC System policies and procedures, indexed by administrative division. All documents written by USC Columbia are divided into two sections: Policies and Procedures. The majority of these documents are system-wide, meaning they are applicable to all campuses. However, several have policies applicable to all campuses but procedures that only pertain to the Columbia campus. In this case, refer to the "USC Upstate Procedure" following the policy, that outlines the Upstate-specific procedure.

Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

The symbol * denotes USC Upstate documents. 

Subject Index
Academic Affairs
Board of Trustees
Business Affairs
Business and Finance
Equal Opportunity Programs
Event Planning and Special Events
Facilities Management
Health and Safety
Human Resources
Information Technology and Data Services
Law Enforcement and Safety
Office of Research
Student Affairs
University Administration
Vehicle Management and Parking Services


Business and Finance - BUSF

2.00 - Object of Expenditure Classification Codes
2.03 - Revenue Classification Codes
2.06 - Intra-Institutional Transfers (within USC)
2.09 - Inter-Departmental Transfers (between state agencies)
2.12 - Accounts Payable
2.15 - Accounts Payable--Check Writing Schedule
2.18 - Petty Cash
2.19 - Cash Advance--University Accounts
3.00 - Contract and Grant Accounting--Restricted Funds
3.03 - Contracts and Grants--Cost Sharing
3.06 - Contracts and Grants--Participant Support
3.09 - Contracts and Grants--Consultant Services
3.12 - Contracts and Grants--Personnel Activity Reporting System
3.15 - Contracts and Grants--Closeouts
3.19 - Contracts and Grants--Elimination of Accounts Overdrafts
3.30 - Other Educational and General Program Accounts (E Funds)
4.00 - Academic Fees and Expenses
4.03 - Free Tuition and Reduction of Fees
4.04 - Tuition Award Program
4.10 - Receipt and Handling of University Payments
4.11 - Credit/Debit Card Processing Policy
5.00 - Property Accountability
6.00 - Payroll Authorizations
6.03 - Payroll Frequency
6.06 - Payroll Checks--Items Withheld
6.09 - Distribution of Payroll Statements of Electronic Deposit and Payroll Checks
6.11 - University Employees Furnished Campus Housing
7.00 - Purchasing
USC Upstate Procedure
7.05 - Reimbursement for Personal Consumption Items at Employee's Official Headquarters
7.06 - Employee Association/Professional Dues--Employee Personal Certifications--Employee License Fees
7.07 - Club Membership and Dues
7.08 - Cellular and Wireless Telephones and Devices
8.01 - Payroll Authorizations to Internationals
9.10 - Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)
Budget Transfer Request
Consortium Agreement
Addendum to Consortium Agreement 
Expense Transfer Request
Indirect Cost Recovery

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Libraries - LIB

* 1.00 - University Libraries--General
* 1.01 - University Libraries-Misuses and Penalties
1.02 - Library Annex and Conservation Facility 
* 1.03 - Archives and Record Management


Student Affairs