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Local Assistance Offered to Fire Victims

  • The American Red Cross offers fire victims:
  • Temporary hotel accommodations in Spartanburg immediately after the fire
  • A voucher for the purchase of supplies from Wal-Mart
  • A voucher for the purchase of groceries at Bi-Lo
  • A voucher for the first month's rent on confirmed accommodations
  • Financial assistance to replace prescription glasses and medicines

The University of South Carolina Upstate offers:  

Upon request, students may move into available on-campus housing.
For some students the best option for immediate, affordable living accommodations is to move onto campus. On-campus housing is rented by the semester and does not require the student to sign a long-term lease. A representative from Housing & Residential Life (Mandy Whitten (864) 503-5420 or mwhitten@uscupstate.edu) is available to work with students who would like to move onto campus for the remainder of the semester.

Upon request, counseling services are available.
The trauma experienced from being the victim of a fire and the displacement and changes that follow may result in the need for confidential counseling services. If you would like to talk with a counselor, call (864) 503-5195 to schedule an appointment. You should feel free to tell the receptionist that you need to be seen as soon as possible. Visit the USC Upstate counseling center web page.

The University Bookstore will loan students books that were lost in the fire.
Students who have lost their books in a fire may go to the University Bookstore and ask for loaner books to replace those they have lost. The University Bookstore will have a list of the names of the students who may request loaner books, and if the Bookstore is not able to loan the book, Student Emergency Funds can be allocated for the purchase of books through the University Bookstore. (See information below.)

The Library will absorb the loss of library books destroyed in the fire.
The USC Upstate Library will have a list of names of the students affected by the fire. If students' borrowed library books have been destroyed by the fire, the Library will absorb the expense of the destroyed books.

Laptop computers can be borrowed from Information Technology and Services.
On a limited basis, the IT Department located in the Stockwell Administration Building on the ground floor will lend students laptop computers for academic work until the students can replace their computers lost in the fire. If you have questions, contact the Help Desk at (864) 503-5257 or helpdesk@uscupstate.edu

Upon request, documentation for class absence is sent to students' professors.
In some instances the fire and individual needs resulting from the fire cause students to miss some of their classes. Upon request of the student, the Office of Student Affairs will notify the student's professors and college dean that the student has been a victim of a fire and may need to miss class due to this crisis situation. If you would like for your professors to be notified, contact Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Laura Puckett-Boler at (864) 503-5108 or lpuckett-boler@uscupstate.edu, Campus Life Center, Rm. 226.  

Other individual assistance is offered as needed.
If you find that you need assistance not listed above, please contact any of the individuals listed in this message. We are all part of the team that works to help students in crisis situations.

Laura Puckett Boler, Dean of Students
Phone: (864) 503-5108
Email: lpuckett-boler@uscupstate.edu 
Office: Campus Life Center, Rm. 226.  

Mandy Whitten, Director of Housing & Residential Life
Phone: (864) 503- 5420
Email: mwhitten@uscupstate.edu
Office: Palmetto House

Frances Jarratt, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student and Diversity Affairs
Phone: (864) 503-5195
Email: fjarratt-hortis@uscupstate.edu 
Office: Campus Life Center Rm.  107

David Myers, Assistant Chief, University Police
Phone: (864) 503-5383
Email: dmyers@uscupstate.edu
Office: Police Services Building

Jerry Carroll, Director, Bookstore
Phone: (864) 503-5168
Email: jcarroll@uscupstate.edu 
Office: Campus Life Center, Bookstore

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