ESOL Course Information

SSLL Q708     Introduction to Linguistics   (3)         

SSLL Q718     Techs for Teaching English to K-12 Second Lang. Learners (3)
SEPS Q732    Enhancing Learning for Diverse Cultures (3)
SSLL Q760     Practicum (1)

SSLL Q728     Literacy Instruction for K-12 Second Language Learners (3)          
SSLL Q760     Practicum (2)

State of S.C. Add-On Certification in ESOL
USC Upstate offers coursework required by the South Carolina Department of Education for graduate level credit. We have taken the guesswork out of determining which of our courses meets their requirements by providing the following key to how the information is presented:

S.C. State Department Course Description
Graduate Course offered at USC Upstate (credits) Semester Offered

Specialized Preparation

Principles and Strategies for Teaching ESOL to Elementary and Secondary Learners
SSLL 718        Techniques for Teaching English to K-12 Second Language Learners         

SSLL 708        Introduction to Linguistics

Teaching Reading and Writing to Limited English Proficient (LEP) Learners
SSLL 728        Literacy Instruction for K-12 second Language Learners


Practicum in the Instruction of ESOL to Elementary and Secondary Learners
SSLL 760        Practicum in Teaching English to K-12 Second Language Learners (1-3 hr)
Fall and Spring Semesters –variable credits offered                                   

Cultural Diversity in Education                  
SEPS 732        Enhancing Learning for Divers Cultures       

Testing/Assessment for Language Minority Learners
SSLL 758        Assessment of Second Language Learners   
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To determine course requirements for add-on certification by the State, you will need to submit a Request Change/Action Form to the S.C. Department of Education, Division of Teacher Quality, Office of Teacher Certification.  This form is available at The Department of Education will provide a worksheet for you to plan your course of study.