Periodicals and Microforms 

Periodicals are publications issued at regular intervals like a newspaper, magazine or journal. In the USC Upstate Library, the periodicals are shelved in alphabetical order by the title of the magazine, journal, or newspaper. There are several locations of periodicals, depending on their currency and format.

Current IssuesPeriodicals
Current issues are located in the area on your right, after you pass the staircase, once you enter the front door of the library. Issues are kept until they are sent to the bindery, which varies with each title. The newest edition is on top of the shelf and previous editions can be found by pulling the raisable shelf up exposing the other titles. Newspapers are shelved in the Periodical Section and older editions are kept behind the Circulation Desk.

Bound PeriodicalsPeriodicals
Bound periodicals are shelved in the compact shelving that runs along the wall adjacent to the computer labs. Titles are in alphabetical order. If you cannot locate a relatively current title on either the current or bound shelves, the Circulation Desk can check the record for the title and see whether it has been sent to the bindery.

Some periodicals come in the microfilm format. Microfilm is housed in cabinets near the current periodicals. Microfilm readers are located near the staircase.

Microfiche is available for Daily Congressional Record 1986 - July 2000, Monthly Catalog 1965-1977, South Carolina Constitution 1895, South Carolina Convention Journal 1860 - 62, 65, 68, 95, Congressional Record 1949 - 1978. These publications are also found in cabinets near the current periodicals.

PeriodicalsMicrofilm readers can be used to read both microfilm and microfiche materials. These machines will print copies of the material for $.10 per page. If you need assistance in finding or copying the material, please ask a librarian. You can also report paper jams or any other problems at the same desk.

Many periodicals are listed in the online  Library Catalog, and are searchable by the Periodical Title. The Catalog lists the title and library location. 

If you have any problem finding a periodical or understanding how to search for a title in the online catalog, please ask a librarian for assistance.