2013 Seminar Descriptions

Below are descriptions of each upcoming seminar.

Managing Employee Performance
Wednesday, May 29
9 a.m. - noon
Rampey Building, Room 125

You will never look at performance management the same way again. This course addresses the core elements of performance management: setting clear and measurable expectations; providing effective ongoing feedback to employees around those expectations and effectively evaluating performance.

Specifically, participants will be introduced to an effective, collaborative approach for communicating desired results and monitoring progress.

Participants will also learn how to avoid common mistakes in setting goals, measuring employee progress, and providing both positive and corrective feedback to employees.

Prerequisite: EPMS for Supervisors.

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Diagnosing Performance Problems
Wednesday, May 29
1-4 p.m.
Rampey Building, Room 125

Do you want to know why some employees don’t do what they are supposed to and what you can do about it? This course is designed to teach supervisors a simple yet powerful approach to identify and address the causes of non-performance. You will learn how to ask the appropriate questions to determine why things are not being done correctly and what you can do to address the issues.

Participants will practice their diagnostic skills using several short case studies and will also receive a performance diagnostic book to take home for future reference.

Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for this course; however, EPMS for Supervisors and Managing Employee Performance are both recommended as companion courses.

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Interviewing and Selecting Employees
Thursday, June 6
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Rampey Building, Room 125

This course is designed for individuals who are responsible for hiring university staff members. The most important step in creating an effective university workforce is finding the right employees. Poor interviewing and selection processes lead to many unnecessary, future management and performance problems.

Most of these problems could be avoided if hiring managers used approaches that were recognized as “best practices." A variety of topics will be discussed:

  • Developing effective job descriptions to use when creating job announcements 
  • Identifying competencies that employees must have to perform jobs effectively
  • Designing sound interviewing and selection processes that are legally defensible
  • Developing effective interview questions that are relevant to the job
  • Enhancing interviewing skills by using behavioral and situational interviewing techniques
  • Understanding the types of questions that can and cannot be asked of applicants and why it is important to adhere to these requirements
  • Identifying the best approach for checking applicant references
  • Identifying the requirements for documentation of the selection process 

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