Sponsored Awards

The Office of Sponsored Awards and Research Support (SARS) serves as the single point-of-contact for faculty, staff and students who are seeking assistance with their research and scholarly endeavors at USC Upstate. The Office of Sponsored Awards and Research Support will provide the training and development, resources and administrative support that principal investigators and future principal investigators need to advance their research and scholarship and to build the University’s reputation.

Please direct questions regarding Sponsored Awards and Grant Writing to Elaine Marshall, 864-503-5331.

Please direct questions regarding Internal Faculty/Student Funding Opportunities and the Annual Research Symposium/Journal to Dr. Melissa Pilgrim, 864-503-5781.

Services provided by Sponsored Awards:
  • Find and disseminate grant opportunities
  • Assist with proposal preparation and submission
  • Provide post-award training and grants management
 Quick Links
Grant Opportunities

Sponsored Awards subscribes to many grant alerts, has assembled an extensive list of grant-related web sites that provide excellent searching and researching capabilities, and works with faculty and staff to assemble application packets and upload them to USCeRA. See the “Pre Award” section for more information.

Sponsored Awards sends out e-mail notification to selected recipients as grant opportunities are announced, so  please notify us if you have particular areas of interest.

The  Sponsored Awards Management (SAM) office in Columbia also sends a weekly grants announcement list to faculty and staff. Send an e-mail to Gayle Haddock to be added to the list.

Faculty and staff can run their own grant opportunity searches—based on key word, funding agency, etc.—by using the links below:

USC Columbia Research and Grant Development
Pivot (User Online Training) (Quick Start Guide
National Science Foundation (NSF)
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
U.S. Department of Education
S.C. Department of Education
Foundation Center


Please contact Sponsored Awards as soon as you identify a grant for which you intend to apply. Sponsored Awards can help you prepare the narrative, budget and grant forms as well as provide boilerplate information about the University. We also coordinate submission to SAM (Sponsored Awards Management) in Columbia for final processing and submission to the funding source.

Sponsored Awards researches grant sources and disseminates this information to the appropriate potential PIs (principal investigators), so please notify us if you have particular areas of interest.

Useful links:


Although Sponsored Awards helps monitor grant account expenditures, end dates, account changes, and also serves as liaison between PIs and Contract and Grant Accounting (Columbia) to coordinate grant reporting and closeout, Principal Investigators and their departments are ultimately responsible for ensuring that all grant funds are expended in a correct and timely fashion.

Grant management training class slideshow:
Step-by-Step Grant Management*  

Places to see your account balance and other financial details:
Finance Intranet
Grant Closeout
Other Useful Links

Recent Awards

Grant Writing: Recent Big Winners

Universities benefit substantially when faculty members are awarded external grant monies for research or service projects. Applying for grant opportunities is a very time consuming and tedious process which oftentimes goes unrewarded since most opportunities are highly competitive with only a small percentage being funded. Grant monies are often used to support student research assistants. And, can thus have a very positive impact on a student’s academic experience. We would like to congratulate all USC Upstate faculty members who have recently been funded.

All Grant Winners (2015-2016) 

Rise Awards 2015

Conolly, Amy A Project to Develop a More Meaningful Framework for Using Online Social Media in Volunteer Organizations $6,000
Godfrey, Esther Until Death Do Us Part: The Marriage Debate in Victorian Literaturec $6,000
Hauptman, Samantha The Criminalization of Law Enforcement: America's War on Police $6,000
Johnson, Lisa Queer Minds $6,000
Stolz, Nolan Completion and Presentation of "Neither Here Nor There: Electroacoustic Composition, Shakespeare's Macbeth, and Eleventh-Century Scottish Music" at the 2015 College Music Society International Conference (Sweden and Finland) $6,000
Williams, George Building an Accessible Future for the Humanities, Phase II $6,000
Zack, Lizbeth Resurrecting the Dead: Activists, States and Corporations in the Campaign to Save the Dead Sea $6,000

Aspire Awards 2015

Jones, Cassandra Searching for the Lost Novel: The Parable of the Trickster $15,000

Rise Awards 2016

Hameed, Muhammad Breakup of an Extending Liquid Thread in Presence of Solid Particles $6,000
Hankins, William The Effect of Political Uncertainty on the Cash Holdings of Firms $6,000
McConnell, Thomas Crab's Diary: A Pathography $6,000
Omoike, Anselm Influence of Natural Water Matrix on the Degradation of Bisphenol A (BPA) $5,992
Shorter, Kimberly Effects of Methyl Donors on Expression of Epigenetics-Related Genes in Human Cortical Neurons $5,999
Timonov, Alex Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Coupled Physics Electrical Conductivity Imaging: Complete Electrode Model $5,999

Aspire Awards 2016

Snow, Rachel  Kodak Culture: Education, Marketing, and Brand Building for Photography's Global Market (Writing Chapter Two and Researching Chapter Five) $15,000
Stolz, Nolan ASPIRE - Recording of an Original Composition for Orchestra  $15,000
    Total: $122,990

Director of Sponsored Awards
Elaine J. Marshall 
Admin Building, Room 308C
Phone: 864-503-5331
Fax: 864-503-5258