A few years ago, through the Spartanburg Community Indicators Project, we were challenged to present information on the quality of source waters within the county.  With extremely little data avaliable, the Watershed Ecology Center bagan to look into citizen monitoring and initally brought Adopt-A-Stream to Spartanburg through the Georgia Adopt-A-Stream program.  A grant from Duke Energy was utilized to purchase 20 stream monitoring kits for the county and to begin holding Certification Workshops.  The WEC has been involved in learning more about the quality of the water in Spartanburg's many streams ever since!  In the spring of 2017, South Carolina DHEC began an Adopt-A-Stream program for the state which the WEC now employs for our Spartanburg County residents!

Adopt-a-Stream helps increase public awareness and participation in the monitoring of Upstate streams. This volunteer stream monitoring is beneficial to the community at large because it allows for screening of smaller local creeks, all of which are part of the larger watershed responsible for providing water for the county‚Äôs drinking supply, fishing, boating, swimming and, in some cases, irrigation of crops.  The data collected is invaluable in determining which streams may need a helping hand.

For more information about this program, certification training workshops or re-certification programs, email the Watershed Ecology Center or call 864-503-5728. 

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