To encourage citizen stewardship of the waterways in Spartanburg County, the Watershed Ecology Center has developed an “Adopt-a-Stream” program that helps increase public awareness and participation in the monitoring of Upstate streams.

Following the Georgia Adopt-A-Stream model, trained WEC staff and volunteers monitor some of the more than 100 named streams in Spartanburg County. Volunteer stream monitoring is beneficial to the community at large because it allows for screening of smaller local creeks, all of which are part of the larger watershed responsible for providing water for the county’s drinking supply, fishing, boating, swimming and, in some cases, irrigation of crops.

In addition, the Watershed Ecology Center offers certification training and annual re-certification workshops in the fall and spring. Online registration will be available.

For more information about this program or the certification training, email the Watershed Ecology Center or call 864-503-5728. 

Other resources include: 

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Map of monitored streams in South Carolina

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