Storm drains are usually well marked.

Storm Drain Marking

Our curbside storm drains can be a major channel for pollution. Stream pollution is often caused by runoff of household chemicals, fertilizers, paint, pesticides, herbicides, gasoline, used motor oil, antifreeze, pet waste and litter, which flow directly into nearby waterways and lowers the stream water quality.

After heavy rains, storm water runs off our lawns, streets and parking lots and into storm drains, picking up these excess substances along the way. This can be harmful to aquatic life and persons who play in the local waters. Our local water district removes these pollutants from our drinking water, but it's better for us all if these substances rarely reach our waters.

WEC continues to mark drains throughout Spartanburg County with this important water pollution message. Each seal applied designates that anything going down the drain will go directly into the lake or creek nearby. We are always searching for subdivisions to mark and watersheds to protect. If you are interested, email the Watershed Ecology Center or call 864-503-5728.