The University of South Carolina Upstate offers a variety of summer academic and athletic camps for middle school, and high school students.

Summer Camps

The University of South Carolina Upstate offers a variety of summer academic and athletic camps for middle school, and high school students.

USC Upstate hosts summer camps beginning in June. The University has hosted a number of athletics camps, academic camps, science camps, junior writers camps and youth drama camps, just to name a few. As a host campus, USC Upstate offers both day and overnight options.

If you are interested in hosting your summer camp on the USC Upstate campus, please contact Special Events at 864-503-5985 or email special events for more information.

Academic Camps

Academic Outreach Camp 

Have you ever wondered how mathematics and science are actually used to improve the processes to build things like BMW vehicles? Did you know these improvement tools and processes are also used by other industries and organizations such as healthcare, finance and the U.S. Armed Forces? The Academic Outreach Camp will introduce students to exciting and real world applications of mathematics and statistics. In addition, their team work and leadership skills will be honed and improved. Students will gain hands-on experience in learning and applying Lean and Six Sigma tools to computerized challenges, physical simulations, case studies, and teaching games. Students also will have the opportunity to meet with manufacturing professionals using these tools and skills as part of their careers. Students will also participate in an in-depth tour of BMW and USC Upstate’s Healthcare Simulation Center. They’ll even get a chance to improve their driving skills behind the wheel of a BMW vehicle. 

For more information, contact Tim Ellis  or Donette Stewart.

Spartanburg Junior Writing Project 2017: “Eat, Sleep, Write… Repeat!”

A writing-enrichment summer program and an outgrowth of the nationally-recognized Spartanburg Writing Project for teachers. This is an opportunity to work with professional writers, poets, and storytellers. A writer’s workshop approach to encourage stretching and sharpening writing skills and creativity. A field-trip experience with the extra treat of planned on-site writing. A guarantee to become a published author in the summer anthology.

For more information, call 864-503-5653.

Athletic Camps

Basketball Camp (Kente Hart)

Improve your basketball skills and receive comprehensive instruction.

For more information, contact Kente Hart, assistant men’s basketball coach, at 864-503-5297 or

Spartan Warrior Tennis Camp

USC Upstate is excited to be hosting a summer tennis camp for boys and girls ages 9-17 yrs. Our camp offers the college tennis experience of training on and off the court to help take our campers’ game to the next level. We invite you to come and share the Spartan Warrior experience this summer!  

For more information, contact  Oliver Trittenwein at 864-503-5131.

Sparty's Kids Camp:

Sparty’s Kids Camp is an exciting and engaging way for your child to make new friends and have fun this summer! Camp takes place each week in the Wellness Center on USC Upstate's beautiful Spartanburg campus, Sparty's Kids Camp strives to keep campers physically and mentally active throughout the camp day. Activities will include, but are not limited to, field games, gym activities, swimming (in our own in-house indoor pool), crafts and everything in between! We believe in a challenge-by-choice approach to all of our camp activities where campers are encouraged to try each activity. Electronics are prohibited at camp, unless Sparty's Kids Camp specifically schedules a day that encourages campers to bring their electronic device(s) of choice.

For more information: Contact Sarah Joseph, assistant director, Intramural Sports & Summer Camps.

Upstate Baseball Camp

The Upstate Baseball Camp will focus on helping each camper learn and improve fundamentals in the game of baseball. Points of emphasis will be: throwing, catching, hitting, fielding, base running and team offensive and defensive concepts.

For more information: Visit: or contact Matt Fincher at 864-503-5135. 

Upstate Fastpitch Softball Camp

Upstate Fastpitch Softball Camp will provide individualized softball instruction. Fundamentals of fielding, throwing, base running, pitching, catching, hitting and bunting will be taught with each camper participating extensively. With just 200 campers admitted, each camper will receive extensive individual instruction.

For more information, contact  Kenzie Roark at 864-503-5864 or Chris Hawkins at 864-503-5171.

Upstate Volleyball Camp

At the Beginner's Camp, We will introduce the fundamental skills needed to play volleyball as well as introduce the rules along the way.  This will be a slower pace camp that will teach the fundamentals but also teach teamwork while  having fun with the game of volleyball.

At the High Potential Camp, will include elements of college training sessions. Campers will have the opportunity to compete while fine tuning their fundamental skills.  Fundamentals of all positions on offense and defense are taught in addition to life skills such as respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, teamwork and the importance of education. Participants are grouped based on age and skill level.  

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For more information, contact Jennifer Calloway at 864-266-1160

Science and Nature Camps

Watershed Ecology Center Camp Discovery - Discover Why

Why? Well, that is a very good question, one that we will answer this week at camp! Join us and discover the why behind some of the great mysteries in nature, like “Why does Ella the Gecko have such a crazy tail?” Join us as we spend our mornings answering that age old question!

Watershed Ecology Center Camp Discovery - Discover How

Have you ever wondered how different animals survive in their extreme habitats, how ice cream freezes, or how animals can tell us about their habitat?  If you have, this camp is for you!  We will spend a fun-filled week checking into these “hows” of science along with many others. 

Contact: Beth Button at the Watershed Ecology Center 864-503-5728 or

Drama Camps

Summer 2017 Drama Camp Plays:

The Audition by Don Zolidis 

A new theater teacher is bringing a production of A Chorus Line to the high school. Though the hopefuls range from shy to outrageous, and from diva-like to determined, everyone has a chance to step into the spotlight. A hilarious and heartbreaking look at the madness of auditioning and the actors who brave the process for that perfect part.

Biggity Bad and the Three Pig
by Edith Weiss 

Higgelty, Piggelty and Hamlet are three little lazy and mischievous pigs on Farmer Maggie’s farm. Bad intentioned Buzz the buzzard would like to see the pigs come to a tasty demise, so he convinces the lone wolf, Rolfie, to become Biggity Bad Wolf and go after the three pigs. Good natured Rolfie is resistant to the idea, but Buzz convinces Rolfie that this will be the best way for him to gain acceptance back in his wolf pack. When threatened by Biggity Bad, the pigs are left on their own devices by Farmer Maggie, who believes the pigs are making excuses about the wolf so they can get out of doing work on the farm. With houses of straw, sticks and stone, the pigs learn how to become productive members of the farm, and Rolfie learns that he doesn’t need to be bad, in order to find a family. 

Drama Camps 2017

Technical Design Camp  

Students will learn about lighting, set design, makeup, props and set building

For more information, contact Rich Robinson, coordinator of theatre for youth, at 864-503-5621 or

Stage Makeup Camp  

Students will learn the science, principles and artistry behind stage makeup.

For more information, contact Rich Robinson, coordinator of theatre for youth, at 864-503-5621 or

Youth Summer Drama Camp  

Students will perform two full-length plays at the end of the second week. Students will work on theatre warm up, games, scene work, makeup and group building.

For more information, contact Rich Robinson, coordinator of theatre for youth, at 864-503-5621 or