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Academic Departments and Advisement

Johnson College of Business and Economics
Room 210, Media Building, 864-503-5580

School of Education
Room 2009, Health Education Complex, 864-503-5560

Mary Black School of Nursing
Sptbg. Campus - Room 3093, Health Education Complex, 864-503-5441
Gville. Campus - Room 116- USC Upstate Nursing Office, University Center Greenville, 864-552-4248

Undeclared, Office of Academic Advising
Room 225D, Library, 864-503-5688

College of Arts and Sciences

Engineering Technology Management
Room 312, Horace C. Smith Science Building, 864-503-5725
Fine Arts and Communication Studies
Room 125, Humanities and Performing Arts Center, 864-503-5844
History, Political Science, Philosophy and American Studies
Room 102, Media Building, 864-503-5680
Room 245A, Library, 864-503-5432
Interdisciplinary Studies
Room 242A & B, Library, 864-503-5703
Languages, Literature and Composition
Room 222, Humanities and Performing Arts Center, 864-503-5688
Math and Computer Sciences
Room 200, G. B. Hodge Center, 864-503-5305
Natural Sciences and Engineering
Room 312, Horace C. Smith Science Building, 864-503-5725
Nonprofit Administration
Room 102, Media Building, 864-503-5680
Room 207, Horace C. Smith Science Building, 864-503-5706
Sociology, Criminal Justice and Women's Studies
Room 317, Media Building, 864-503-5701

Greenville Campus
University Center, USC Upstate Office, 864-552-4242

If you have any questions, please call 864-503-5246 or 1-800-277-8727.

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