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Academic Departments and Advisement

Meet with Your Advisor
All students must make an appointment with their academic advisor before attempting registration. If you try to bypass this crucial step, the computer will automatically block your registration until you have been advised. Advisement will aid you in selecting the courses that are appropriate for your major.

If you do not know who has been assigned as your advisor, please contact the office of your major or the center.

Students need to contact their advisor to schedule an appointment during the week of priority advisement. Appointment sign-up sheets will generally be posted on the advisor’s office door or may be available through the departmental administrative assistant.

Department Contact Information

Room 2009, Health Education Complex, 864-503-5560

Engineering Technology Management
Room 312, Horace C. Smith Science Building, 864-503-5725

Fine Arts & Communication Studies
Room 125, Humanities & Performing Arts Center, 864-503-5844

George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics
Room 210, Media Building, 864-503-5580

Graduate Programs
Room 3013, Health Education Complex, 864-503-5573

Greenville Campus
University Center, USC Upstate Office, 864-552-4242

History, Political Science, Philosophy & American Studies
Room 102, Media Building, 864-503-5680

Room 245A, Library, 864-503-5683

Interdisciplinary Studies
Room 242 A&B, Library, 864-503-5703

Languages, Literature & Composition
Room 222, Humanities & Performing Arts Center, 864-503-5688

Math & Computer Sciences
Room 200, G.B. Hodge Center, 864-503-5305

Natural Sciences & Engineering
Room 312, Horace C. Smith Science Building, 864-503-5725

Nonprofit Administration
Room 102, Media Building, 864-503-5680

Mary Black School of Nursing
Room 3093, Mary Black School of Nursing, 864-503-5441

Room 207, Horace C. Smith Science Building, 864-503-5706

Sociology, Criminal Justice & Women’s Studies
Room 317, Media Building, 864-503-5701

Undeclared, Office of Academic Advising
Room 225D, Library Building, 864-503-5306

If you have any questions, please call 864-503-5246 (Spartanburg), 864-552-4242 (Greenville) or 1-800-277-8727.

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