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Comprehensive Standard 3.4.7

The institution ensures the quality of educational programs and courses offered through consortial relationships or contractual agreements, ensures ongoing compliance with the comprehensive requirements, and evaluates the consortial relationship and/or agreement against the purpose of the institution. (Consortial relationships/contractual agreements)  

Judgement: Compliant


University of South Carolina Upstate (USC Upstate) does not offer programs or courses through consortial relationships where another institution offers course work on our behalf.  International articulation agreements are referred to as “consortium agreements.”  However, the acceptance of each course is evaluated as part of the initial articulation agreement and reviewed and revised as part of the ongoing articulation review process.

Contract agreements include dual enrollment programs with local high schools.  For these programs, faculty meet USC Upstate’s expectation for credentials and teach using USC Upstate’s syllabi and assessment processes.

Another type of contract agreement between USC Upstate and the high schools is the Scholars Academy, a partnership between the University and Spartanburg County's public school districts.  Academically advanced high school students take courses on the USC Upstate campus.  Students may earn as many as 60 college credits.  Courses are taught by USC Upstate faculty using the approved course syllabi.  Finally, the School of Education offers a number of contract courses to school districts.  Both Scholars Academy and School of Education contracts involve USC Upstate agreeing to deliver the course, not receiving a course from another provider. 

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