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Technological Resources

Disability Services (CLC 107)
Offering the following resources:

  • FM amplification systems for use in amplifying what is being said by the speaker for the user of the FM system
  • 4-track tape players for use with tapes ordered from Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic
  • Viktor Readers (CD players) for use with Daisy-formatted CDs ordered from Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic
  • A closed circuit television (CCTV), an electronic magnification system that provides a clear, high-contrast image of both print material and computer images (the CCTV is connected to a desktop computer) displayed on a large screen monitor; JAWS (screen reading capability) software is installed on this computer
  • 2 desktop computers: one with JAWS software and one with ZoomText (screen magnification capability) software
  • 4 laptop computers: one with JAWS software, one with ZoomText software, one with Kurzweil 3000 (read capability only) software and one with both Kurzweil 3000 software and Dragon Naturally Speaking (voice recognition) software
  • A computer workstation used in the production of alternative format materials with Kurzweil 3000 (scan and read capability) and Duxbury (Braille translation) software connected to a scanner and a Braille embosser

The Library
Offering the following resources:

  • A closed circuit television (CCTV)
  • A desktop computer with JAWS software is located in Room 124

Hodge 255 (Computer Science Lab Classroom)
Offering the following resources:

  • Workstation 3 – JAWS software
  • Workstation 4 – ZoomText software

Smith Science Building 
Offering the following resources for use by the academic departments:

  • A microscope projection system which provides a clear, high-contrast image of the item to be viewed through the microscope projected onto a TV screen

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