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Questions for Students To Ask A Staffing Agency When Applying For A Job
One good source for leads when searching for a job is to use a staffing agency.  There are many agencies available; however, you should choose carefully and only use one or two at a time.  Best choices are well-established, professional companies that operate on a regional, national or international level.  Be wary of small, local companies that have operated less than one year, and whose reputation is not yet established.

Remember they are going to make money using you as a client.  Generally, they charge the company double or more than  you will make per hour.  Be sure you understand the arrangements when asking them for help finding you a job.

Several general topics must always be covered before taking on any assignment:

  • Can you tell me the job title and provide any information on the company.
  • What are the terms of employment?  Strictly temporary, Temp to Perm, or Lump Sum Placement. 

To get more specific, here are some questions to help you decide if you want to pursue the job opportunity:

  1. How long is the assignment?
  2. What are the opportunities for full-time employment upon completion of the assignment?
  3. How will I be evaluated?
  4. Why is this assignment available?
  5. What are my daily duties and what primary skills is this company looking for?
  6. Who should I come to if I have a problem with a supervisor, co-worker or the job itself?
  7. What should I do if I get hurt on the job?
  8. What can you tell me about where I will be working?
  9. Whose payroll will I be on?  What is my pay rate and are there opportunities for my hourly pay to be increased?
  10. What is the appropriate attire for this position?
  11. What are the hours of this job and what are the appropriate times for lunch and break?
  12. What are the procedures if I am unable to attend work?
  13. How and when will I get paid? Move to #9
  14. If for whatever reason this assignment is not completed, will I be used on future assignments?                    
  15. Will I be trained on other tasks other than my primary job duties?

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