Service-Abroad Award Overview

Service abroad is one the most impactful of college experiences available. To help make studying abroad financially accessible, each year the Office of Service-Learning in cooperation with the office of the Provost, awards several travel grants to USC Upstate students. Awards will be contingent on quality of application and available funds; therefore, some applications may not be funded. 

Award Amount:  $500 each

Application Deadline: Feb. 1, 2018

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Registered and accepted for a USC Upstate Service-Abroad Program at time of application
  • Enrolled student, in good standing, at USC Upstate at the time of application and travel
  • Completed at least one full semester (12 hours) at USC Upstate at the time of travel
  • Minimum 2.50 GPA at the date of application OR 3.0 GPA in the preceding 12 months
  • Evidence of successful follow-through on any previously earned USC Upstate scholarships/awards

Application Process:

  • Online Application
    Includes a one-page resume highlighting relevant professional, academic, and service experience and three short essays [200 words each] describing (1) your past/current investment in volunteerism, civic/ community engagement, and/or service-learning, (2) your interest in a global experience, and (3) your plans to help promote Service-Learning and/or Service-Abroad (on &/or off campus)
  • Letter of Recommendation
    To be emailed directly to from a current Upstate faculty member [not the Service-Abroad program director] who can comment on your (1) academic expertise, (2) inclinations for  service, and (3) disposition toward global experience

Decision Criteria

  • Prior involvement in Service-Learning
  • Prior involvement in volunteering/community engagement
  • Expressed interest in global experience
  • Plan for promoting Service-Learning/Service-Abroad
  • Professionalism of the application
  • Faculty Recommendation

Online Application