Application for Student Teaching

Directed Teaching Information and Application

This is a meticulous process and you MUST read the directions carefully. Your placement and certification depend on accurate and timely responses. Application forms PART I (online entry form) and PART II (paper form to download, complete and hand in to advisor) as well as the SDE Online Certification Application and the Fingerprint Clearance are due no later than 10 months prior to directed student teaching. 

Read FIRST - Directed Teaching Application Instructions

Directed Teaching Application - you must complete two separate forms (Part I & Part II):

  • Part I (online entry form) - complete the form and choose only one of the following locations 10 months prior to directed student teaching:
    • Spartanburg, Cherokee and Union
    • Greenville, Anderson and Pickens
    • Sumter
  • Part II (form to download, complete, and turn in to adviser) - complete this online, PRINT and take to your adviser during your advisement appointment 10 months prior to directed student teaching deadline Part II form Application Part II

S.C. State Department of Education Online Certification Application ($105 fee)

Fingerprint Details - Schedule your appointment  ($53.25 fee)

CHECKLIST: You must submit a complete application (all materials) at the same time or it will NOT be accepted.

Be sure you have the following:

  • DT Application PART I completed online, and PART II with signatures turned in on campus to your adviser or:

Greenville, Spartanburg, and Sumter - submit to Marsha Clark or Kelly Crow

  • S.C. Department of Education Application for Certification (completed online)
  • Fingerprint Clearance (cost is $53.25)