All University business must be conducted on official stationery. Official stationery should never be recreated or emulated and alterations are prohibited and are monitored by USC System.

Placing Orders for Business Cards and Stationery

All University letterhead, envelopes and business cards are standardized to provide consistent institutional branding. Orders for business cards and stationery can be placed with approved local vendors that have templates or through UMC.

For questions concerning ordering official stationery items, please contact

Digital Letterhead

UMC is able to provide official divisions, colleges, schools, departments, institutes, centers and select campus units a free digital letterhead template in a Microsoft Word file. Digital letterhead should be used solely for digital communication and should never be printed.

Digital letterhead is subject to the same graphic standards as printed letterhead. Logo signatures, nameplates and other graphics are not permitted.

To obtain a custom digital template with your department’s contact details, please email There is no charge, however, please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

The background image within your digital letterhead containing your contact information will appear faded while editing in Word. After the body of the message is set, users should always save and distribute the file as a PDF. The header and footer will render correctly in the PDF version of the letterhead.

Unofficial Letterhead

Special-use stationery for internal or unofficial communications may be requested from UMC with prior approval from the respective associate Vice Chancellor.