The Faculty Senate at USC Upstate, created by direction of the university faculty to act by and for that body, is endowed with all the powers and responsibilities of the university faculty except for those powers specifically reserved by that body to itself, provided that the University faculty may amend or repeal any actions of the Faculty Senate. Powers specifically reserved by the faculty, include, but are not limited to, election of faculty officers and committee members.


The Faculty Senate membership is composed of voting members of the university faculty elected from each division, each school, and the library. Representation on the Faculty Senate is one representative for every seven faculty members (or portion thereof) per electoral unit. Representatives of electoral units are elected by secret ballot by the members of that unit. These representatives are elected prior to the September faculty meeting, unless a vacancy occurs in mid-year and a new member is elected.

The Faculty Chair designates terms of one, two, and three years for Senate members so that approximately one-third of the members will be elected each year. This designation will be made so that each electoral unit will have a reasonable balance of members with each of the terms. Thereafter, members of the Senate will have terms of three years, unless chosen to fill unexpired terms.

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Motions

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