Service Course Support Funds

Each academic year, the Office of Service Learning and Community Engagement has a limited amount of funds to support Service related expenses in designated courses. Instructors of Service Engagement designated courses are eligible to apply for up to $250 to offset the cost of supplies or transportation necessary for students to complete their service. Instructors of Service Learning designated courses are eligible to apply for up to $500. Funds will be awarded to selected instructors as a "cash advance," and instructors will be required to reconcile all expenses with appropriate receipts tracking use of the funds. 

The Office of Service Learning and Community Engagement will target response to submitted applications within 14 days, though processing of funds will take additional time and is beyond the control of the OSLCE. Please apply at least 30 days before your anticipated project! 

The Office of Service Learning and Community Engagement asks all Service Instructors to:

  • Encourage students to participate Pre- and Post- Student Service Learning Surveys 
  • Complete the Service Learning Instructor Survey at the close of your course
  • Invite your Community Partner(s) to participate in the Service Learning Community Partner Survey at the close of your course
  • Advertise and advocate for volunteerism, civic/community engagement, and/or service-learning on and/or off campus 

Service Support Funds are available only in support of Service designated courses. Trips and projects without an associated course are ineligible. Awards will be contingent on the quality of application, availability of funds, and diverse dispersion of funds across instructional units; therefore, some applications may not be funded, or may be partially funded.

Per University policy, payment may not be provided retroactively, so please allow at least 30 days between your request and anticipated use of funds. 

All Service Support Funds are offered on a one-time basis. Funding applications for recurring courses must be submitted for each instance, 

Please email with any questions.

A Web-based application for these funds is currently under construction. Should you wish to complete an application before the Web-based form is available, a temporary "cut and paste" application form is now available: 

Temporary Application Form


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