Communication for Parents

Because we see students as adults, most communication concerning bills, grades and academic performance will be directly with them. We encourage you to communicate regularly with your child and to recognize there are many situations in which the University cannot release information to parents.

Academic Records and FERPA

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), also known as the Buckley Amendment, is federal legislation that deals with the rights of students as it impacts their educational record. This includes both the students’ right to inspect and amend records as well as the right to exercise some control over the disclosure of their information. An annual notification to students concerning their rights under FERPA is published in both the catalog and class schedule.

Verification of Enrollment

Students needing proof of enrollment for medical or other purposes may obtain this information online through the Self Service Carolina (SSC) system or by visiting the Record’s Office with a photo ID.

Release of Information

A student must provide a signed and dated written consent form before a school may disclose records to a third party. Certain exceptions apply, including the parents of a dependent child. Parents must provide documentation of dependency as defined by the Internal Revenue Code as well as a notarized affidavit.