Registration and Advising

What should I do if I forget who my adviser is?

The JCBE has provided assigned advisers. The name of your adviser can be found in a student’s Self-Service Carolina account by clicking the student tab and viewing “Student Information.” A list of advisers, as well as all JCBE faculty and staff, is on the touchscreen located at the rear entrance door.

How do I make an appointment with my assigned adviser?

Students can make an appointment with their assigned academic adviser during the allotted advisement period in the fall and spring by using the Student Advisement Registration System (SARS). SARS is an easy-to-use appointment scheduling system that allows students to manage their own appointments and allows advisors to make, schedule and cancel appointments. The function is web-based and compatible with multiple web browsers. Students can locate the SARS link from the JCBE homepage and use their assigned Blackboard username and password to access the system. A student can contact their assigned adviser outside of the advisement period by email, phone or by visiting during office hours.

How do I get admitted into the George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics (JCBE)?

Once you are accepted by the USC Upstate Admission's Office, business major applications are sent directly to the Johnson College of Business and Economics for further evaluation. When the student has met requirements and is ready to enroll into 300 level classes, a JCBE application to the professional program form must be completed. Forms are located in the Student Service Center office (located in The George, room 210). Admission of applicants is based on an individual consideration. Each applicant must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Successful completion of 54 credit hours
  • Cumulative GPA of at 2.2
  • Completion with a C or better: ENGL U101, ENGL U102, SPCH U201, SPCH U201R, and MATH U122
  • Successful completion of ACCT U225 and ECON U221 or ECON U222
What is the process for registering for classes?

Make an appointment to see your assigned advisor by using the SARS link on the JCBE homepage during the allotted academic advisement period. If you are unable to make your appointment time or if you miss your appointment time you should contact the advisor as soon as possible so another time can be arranged. Failure to notify your selected advisor or not showing up for your appointment may cause a delay in your registration time and result in closed classes you want/need.

Once you have met with your assigned advisor, you must be cleared for registration by the Student Support office in The George, room 210. Then you may consult the Self-Service Carolina (SSC) system for your registration appointment time. Registration times are assigned through the Records Office and are based on the number of academic credit hours you have earned.

Each semester, signs are posted around campus and in The George noting when advisement and registration begins. You may also consult the academic calendar on the USC Upstate web site.

How do I change my concentration?

Change of Concentration forms are available in the JCBE Office of Student Services (The George, room 210). When complete, bring the form to The George, room 210 to acquire the Associate Dean's signature. Once completed, the support services staff will forward the document to the new department and Records Office. Other student forms such as change of major, transient/concurrent permission forms, grade forgiveness application and transcript requests, can be accessed the university registrar’s homepage.

How do I change my major to business?

Change of Major forms are available in the JCBE Office of Student Services (The George, room 210). When complete, bring the form to The George, room 210 to acquire the Associate Dean's signature.

How do I withdraw from a class or from the University?

Students wishing to withdraw officially from classes or the University may withdraw on Self Service Carolina. Students who stop attending the University without following the withdrawal procedure will receive an F for each course which may prejudice any future attempt to reenter the University. Students withdrawing from the University prior to the last day to withdraw without penalty have the withdrawal date and the courses posted on their transcript with a grade of W. Students withdrawing after the last day to withdraw without penalty, but not later than the last day of class, receive a grade of WF for each course in which they were enrolled. Students may petition to receive a grade of W rather than WF by carrying out the procedures outlined under the section entitled "Course Withdrawal: Following the Last Day to Withdraw Without Penalty" in the academic catalog. Students who stop attending classes and fail to carry out the procedures for dropping or withdrawing from their courses will have final grades calculated on both completed and missed work. This typically results in a grade of F.

How do I register for an internship for credit?

A student who wishes to enroll in a business internship (BADM 499) may do so by engaging their academic advisor, securing approval and completing a contract in association with the associate dean. Once approved, the associate dean will ensure registration for the course through the Records Office. Internship forms should be completed no later than the first week of the semester in which the student is interning. Forms are available in the JCBE Office of Student Services, room 210.