Emergency Information

Ensuring the safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff on campus is a primary commitment of the University. In conjunction with the Division of Student Affairs, the University Police Department has instituted an array of safety measures and programs to deal with emergency issues.

The new emergency webpages will provide information on the emergency notification system, helpful links and a downloadable Incident Management Plan (USC Upstate password required to download the IMP).

"Shots Fired," Instructional Videos (network login required)
“Shots Fired!” the last thing you’d expect to hear at a college or university. Unfortunately this contemporary, violent event has become a reality in schools across the country. Today, anyone can become a victim of an Active Shooter, but despite common belief, injury or death does not have to be the inevitable outcome. The key to survival is a proper mindset, knowledge and awareness, which enables action with purpose in this high-stress situation.  You can survive! Shots Fired on Campus is a dynamic training program designed to instill the survival mindset and teaches realistic strategies for dealing with an active shooter situation on campus.