Health Services

Health services offers health care and education to all enrolled students on an outpatient basis. Our team of nurse practitioners and nurses are available to provide a variety of services including, but not limited to immunizations, tuberculin skin tests, physicals/wellness visits, and sick visits. Please call our office at Health Services to schedule an appointment or speak with a nurse if you have questions about symptoms you may be experiencing. 

Whether you are a student at USC Upstate, or a member of the faculty or staff, you will find links to resources that fit your needs on the right side of this page. Students, find out more in a letter from Health Services.

Immunizations and Medical History
All students are required to have a history of current immunizations on file prior to enrollment. All clients will complete a medical history questionnaire on their first visit to the office. There is a small fee for some services to cover the cost of vaccines and lab work.

All clients are provided with copies of their medical records for personal use. Health Services charges a $5 fee to print additional copies of medical records for personal use. Medical records are provided free of charge to outside medical offices and facilities.

The Mission of Health Services
USC Upstate Health Services operates within the mission and goals of the university by offering student services designed to enhance the holistic development of students. Health Services assists in providing general education which emphasizes personal responsibility for life-long learning and physical well-being. In keeping with the University's metropolitan focus, Health Services strives to provide excellent health promotion programs, which emphasize coordination and interface with resources in the surrounding communities.

The Importance of Confidentiality
No one, including providers of health care, faculty and parents, has access to student's medical information without written permission from the student. The law mandates reporting certain communicable diseases (sexually transmitted diseases, measles, etc.) to public health officials.