Digital Signage

USC Upstate supports and encourages departmental freedom of expression and an open environment for the pursuit of knowledge. One avenue for such expression, advertising and communication is digital signage strategically positioned across the campus.

Submit content to have displayed

    • Promote University activities, events and educational opportunities
    • Department specific content with department signage managers
    • Provide a current and effective interactive communication to a large internal audience and visitors
    • Easy to use drag and drop content editor
    • Improve communication across campus
    • Increase attendance at events
    • Inform the campus of University news
  • All faculty, staff and student groups who have information of interest to the university community.

  • It is free to request that acceptable content be displayed on the digital signage, however there is a cost to have a departmental sign. Email the ITS Help Desk to obtain a quote to have a digital sign installed in your department.

  • The following have the ability to upload content:

    • Department Signage Managers (for their department signage only)
    • University Communications (for campus-wide digital signage)

    Any faculty, staff or student groups can request content be uploaded, you'll need to coordinate with the department signage manager or University Communications for approval for content to be displayed on a specific sign.

    • Digital signs are currently installed at the following locations:
      • IT Help Desk (Administration Building)
      • Admin 2nd Floor Lobby (Administration Building)
      • University Communications (Administration Building)
      • Enrollment Service Left and Right (HEC)
      • Nursing Education Lobby (HEC)
      • Nursing Basement Lobby (HEC)
      • Nursing 3rd Floor Lobby (HEC)
      • Education 3rd Floor Lobby (HEC)
      • Wellness Lobby (HEC)
      • HEC Main Hall
      • Sandellas (HEC)
      • Bookstore (HEC)
      • HEC Boardroom
      • Hodge Building Lobby
      • Media Building Second Floor Lobby
      • USC Upstate Greenville Campus (UCG)
      • CLC 2nd Floor Lobby
    • If there is not already a Content Manager for your department's digital signage, contact Kathy Nelson or Tammy Whaley in the Office of University Communications to determine if you are eligible to become a Content Manager. They can arrange the training required.
    • If there is already a Content Manager for your department, you can contact them to determine if your signage can be uploaded to the displays.